Who Is Rubina Khanam? Politician Sparks Controversy With Statement On Hijab Row

Who Is Rubina Khanam
Politician Rubina Khanam said aired controversy and debates when she said that she will cut off the hands of those who will touch the hijabs of women. Rubina is a leader in Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh and her statement came regarding the Udupi hijab Row.

From international activists to national leaders, many notable persons have expressed their thoughts on the protest of Muslim students in Karnataka. Many politicians came forward in the support of adding the hijab as a part of the uniform in educational institutes. Rubina Khanam of the Samajwadi Party has threatened the people with the consequences they will face if they try to mess with the hijabs of women.

Who Is Rubina Khanam? SP Leader Threatens People Of Consequences Of ‘Touching Women’s Hijabs’

Rubina recently issued a statement on the Udupi Hijab Rows and slammed the people not allowing students to wear hijab in school. She reportedly said, “If you try to play with the dignity of the daughters and sisters of India, it will not be long before they become like Jhansi ki Rani and Razia Sultana and chop off the hands of those who touch their hijabs.”

She went on to say that tilaks and hijabs should not bother people in a diverse country like India as they are integral part of Indian culture and an example of the religious diversity in the country. She slammed the people who are trying to create controversy by ‘politicising’ the issue that is just a choice.

Condemning the act of banning hijabs in educational institutes in Karnataka, female students of Aligarh Muslim University also protested on Friday expressing their supports to students in the South Indian state. Meanwhile, it is to be noted that Rubina Khanam’s comment comes ahead of Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh that will be held in March 2022.

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