Who Is Mrs Doodle? Doodle Artist Couple Creates Doodle Mansion

who is mrs doodle
An Instagram influencer by the name Mr Doodle is going viral for his unique new mansion that is entirely made up of squiggles and doodles. The influencer and his wife, who goes by Mrs Doodle, are both doodle artists who have taken their art to another level.

Being surrounded by things you love is a great thing. For some, it can be people you love and for others, it can be art. For an artist who is passionate about his art and skills, it is a great sight to see his art all around him and a doodle artist did exactly that. She, along with her doodle artist husband, converted her six-bedroom mansion in England into a doodle mansion, covered and surrounded by doodle art everywhere. Here’s a look into the mansion and the life of Mrs Doodle.

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Who Is Mrs Doodle? Doodle Artist Creates Doodle Mansion With Husband

Mrs Doodle’s real name is Alana Kutsenko and is the colouring artist who adds colours to her doodle artist husband Mr Doodle’s black and white doodles. She married Mr Doodle, real name Sam Cox, in August 2021 and hence assumed the social media name Mrs Doodle. Mrs Doodle was a name that Cox created for his imaginary girlfriend, who he reportedly assumed to be living in Doodle World. When he found love and got married, Alana Kutsenko became Mrs Doodle.

The couple’s social media is full of doodles, while Mr Doodle creates black and white doodles and is seen dressed in outfits with black and white doodles, Mrs Doodle wears dresses with colourful doodles. The couple announced their wedding on social media with a combination of black and white and coloured doodles.

Mrs and Mr Doodle recently converted their six-bedroom mansion worth 1.35 million pounds in Kent County, England into a doodle mansion. From furniture to walls, the house is covered with doodles inside out. The mansion has a bed, walls, crockery, table, television, newspaper and bathtub made of doodles and is going viral on the internet.