Period Blood Face Masks May Be 2022’s Weirdest Trend

Period Blood Face Masks
2022 has been a pretty weird year, and this bizarre trend has definitely raised eyebrows and concern from medical professionals. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to skincare and face masks, but the new trend of using period blood face masks has people rightfully concerned.

28-year-old Gina Frances from New Jersey, United States of America collects her menstrual blood and uses it as a face mask.

According to a report by the Daily Star, she used to feel “dirty” about her period. However, she turned it around and embraced her periods by using her blood as a face mask.

Now, Frances sees menstrual blood as “nature’s face mask” and also uses it to fertilise her plants and painting.

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Period Blood Face Masks

The hashtags “periodfacemask” and “menstrauationmasking” have more than 6.4 billion and 3 million views respectively on TikTok.

The videos show women using menstrual blood on their skin.

One person wrote in the comments that using a period blood face mask is actually “healthy” for people’s skin and helps them connect to their “feminine energy”.

The Bloody Trend Is Dangerous

Dermatologist Dr Joyce Park advised people to stay away from the trend. She said, “Please, I beg of you, do not use your period blood as a face mask”.

Park added that there was “no way” people were collecting the blood in a sterile manner and said there was probably “bacteria and sweat and other thing that are in that blood”.

A board-certified aesthetics physician assistant, Blair Hayes spoke with E! News about the bizarre and dangerous trend. Hayes asked, “How would you like to learn you have a sexually transmitted infection by waking up one morning, post-period-facial to chlamydial conjunctivitis or a herpes outbreak on your face?”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that blood has been considered to help people appear youthful. The trend is similar to the “vampire facial”, a treatment where a person spreads a layer of blood on their face and also uses needles to inject it deeper into the skin.

Hopefully, the period blood face masks trend dies down soon.