Women Share Weirdest Excuses For Cheating They Have Heard From Their Partners

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A partner cheating on you can be heartbreaking but not unheard of. A Reddit thread asked women the funniest excuses their significant others gave when explaining and defending their infidelity.

If there is anything worse than a cheating partner, it is their excuse for defending their infidelity. Instead of talking about the issues that are bothering you and clearing out problems, people tend to evade facing the situation and get into another relationship making things even more complicated and hurtful for their partners. Here are some of the most ridiculous reasons the users shared:

Women Share The Weirdest Excuses For Cheating They Ever Heard

A Reddit user asked women the question, “What’s the dumbest excuse you’ve ever heard for cheating?” and women online left no things hidden in the thread which is now going viral.

Playing the victim card

One user wrote, “when cheaters play the victim card and many of them do”. It often happens when people play the victim and talk about all the things that depressed them and made them unhappy and lonely and use it to justify being with someone that made them happy. However, a person who has been hurt will never hurt another person as he has gone through all that.

Blame Game

Another one wrote, “well, if you had been more fun to be with” or pointed out the faults of their partner. Another user also shared, “If you wouldn’t have made me mad that one time maybe I wouldn’t have cheated”. The worst part is when the partner loves fooling around but does not want to end things with you. They want the best of both worlds. This user wrote, “It means I love you more. I may mess around with other girls but at the end of the day, I’ll always come home to you and choose to stick with you”

This one user wrote how their partner told him that the one he cheated on them with was not enough. They wrote, “Afterwards when admitting, he said to me “I wasn’t even hard” “I couldn’t finish” “I was thinking of you the whole time”. Like thanks, how considerate”.

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I’m just finding myself

The most Gen-Z excuse ever, as this user wrote, would be, “I’m just finding myself.” Well, I guess you found you were a scumbag.” Discovering yourself should not come with the cost of hurting another person.

While one is free to look for their happiness, they are not entitled to hurt others. There is no excuse for cheating. If you are not in a happy relationship, come clear about it, tell it to your partner, sort out things if possible and if you have made up your mind that you want to move on then, just end things with them clearly. Keeping them in the dark will only complicate things. A relationship is healthy as long as there is mutual respect for each other.

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