Bengal Man Celebrates 100th Birthday By Remarrying His Wife

Biswanath Sarkar and Surodhini Sarkar got married in 1953 and have 6 sons and 3 daughters.

Avishka Tandon
Feb 18, 2022 13:29 IST
bengal man remarries wife
Bengal man remarries wife as he celebrates his 100th birthday and 70th marriage anniversary. The 100-year-old got married to his 90-year-old wife with proper rituals in a grand celebration in the presence of family and relatives.

West Bengal's Biswanath Sarkar celebrated his 100th birthday and 70th marriage anniversary in a unique way by remarrying his 90-year-old life partner, Surodhini Sarkar. The wedding was a grand affair that took place in Bamunia village under Bhagoban Gola Police Station. The Murshidabad couple's wedding took place in a grand ceremony and was organised by their children.

Bengal Man Remarries Wife To Celebrate His 100th Birthday

Biswanath Sarkar and Surodhini Sarkar got married in 1953 and have 6 sons and 3 daughters. The couple's anniversary and Biswanath's birthday celebration was attended by their children, their spouses along with grandchildren. The couple's children live in different parts of the country but came to Bengal to celebrated the big day of their parents, As per reports, around 700 people were invited in the grand ceremony.


The wedding took place with proper traditions and rituals and the grandchildren were delighted to witness their grandparents getting married again. One of the sons reportedly said that they had never seen their parents quarreling or having a fight over something. They considered their parent's marriage as an example for the coming generations and in order to celebrate their 70 years of togetherness and support to each other, they decided to host a grand ceremony for their marriage anniversary and their father's 100th birthday where the couple will get remarried and take their vows once again.

The couple is setting major goals for the present and future generations as the story went viral on the internet. The heartwarming pictures from the ceremony portray the great preparations made by Biswanath and Surodhini's children and grandchildren.

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