Balloon Seller Becomes Internet Sensation After Her Photo Goes Viral

Balloon seller Kisbu
Social media platforms have given an opportunity to many hidden talents around the world to shine bright. In the past couple of years, many individuals have become overnight sensations after their stories went viral. Recently a balloon seller was spotted by a wedding photographer in Kerala.

According to a report by India Today, a girl named Kisbu was selling balloons at the Andalur Kavu Festival in Andalur when a photographer named Arjun Krishnan clicked her picture. It is rare to capture a subject on camera who hold the attention of the viewer when they look at the picture. Kisbu was that rare subject. Her picture went viral on social media as soon Krishnan shared it on his official handle.

Balloon Seller Kisbu Goes Viral

The photographer then revealed Kisbu’s backstory. He shared that Kisbu migrated from Rajasthan to Kerala where she started to sell balloons. After he clicked the pictures of Kisbu, he showed them to her and her mother. They both were reportedly impressed by the pictures. Kisbu is seen holding the balloons in her hands and looking right in the camera, she is seen wearing a head scarf. She also has a kohl in her eyes.

When the response to Kisbu’s pictures were great on social media, Arjun Krishnan’s friend Shreyas also clicked her picture and shared in on his social media handle. That picture also went viral very quickly.

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The photographer Arjun Krishnan then got in touch with Kisbu’s family as requested them to let him do another photoshoot with Kisbu. Krishnan then collaborated with a stylist named Remya who transformed Kisbu and made her don colourful sarees and decorated her with make up. In one of the pictures, the girl was seen wearing a Kasavu saree with a red blouse. The photos have now gone viral on the internet assuring a modeling career for the girl.

The photographer in his posts expressed excitement over the responses he received on Kisbu’s photos and felt happy as he managed to change someone’s life. From a balloon seller to model, Kisbu’s story has moved many people on social media.

Feature Image Credit: Arjun Krishnan/ Instagram