TikTok Video of American Woman Learning Hindi For Her Boyfriend Goes Viral

The creator of the video Katie Mason lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Aary Bhatia.

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American Woman learns Hindi
On July 2, a video was posted by a user named AnxiousIndicaton on Reddit captioned, "Girl learns Hindi for boyfriend". The video is reposted on the account and was originally posted by the account holder on TikTok. The video has received more than 1.31 lakh upvotes and has been receiving a lot of love from people.

We always love it when our partners surprise us by showcasing their affection for us. One such thing is what this American woman has done for her Boyfriend in this adorable video. In this video, she surprises her Boyfriend by learning his language i.e. Hindi and also there is a recording of his delightful reaction to it.

American Woman Learns Hindi For Boyfriend

The video was posted 19 days ago by a user on Reddit named AnxiousIndication with a caption, "Girls learn Hindi for Boyfriend". The video is reposted on the account initially being a TikTok video post by user Katie Mason (katie.mason8).

The woman in the video says, "I’ve been learning how to speak Hindi and I can finally ask someone how their day was and respond when they ask me. I haven’t told my boyfriend this however and he is on his way home from work and I’m going to surprise him". She then says, "I am very nervous because I may mess it up".

When her Boyfriend comes home from work she asks, "Hi baby, aap ka dinn kaisa tha? (How was your day today?)" to which her shocked boyfriend replied with a flabbergasted "what?" she then repeats her line again but he is too much in shock and for a moment lost of words before finally replying to her. The creator of the video Katie Mason lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Aary Bhatia. Mason is a model has over four thousand followers on her Instagram. According to her latest post, she met her boyfriend a year ago. In the caption of one her pictures, Mason wrote I love you in devnagri which is a script for Hindi language.


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Since the video has been posted, it has received a lot of positive reactions from the public and has received more than 1.31 lakh upvotes on Reddit. The video has also received many comments where the user has been appreciated for her willingness to learn a new language.

One comment said, "As someone who speaks Hindi this was so sweet lol". "I’d say it was better than most English speakers who try and pick up the language. Anyone else commenting is probably comparing to a perfect accent of a native speaker," said another user in the comments. some other user wrote, "Hindi is genuinely one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I really wish my mother had taught me Hindi and Bengali growing up".

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