TravelHer: Should I see the world through my lens or my eyes?

Are you tired of selfies? How best can you make the most of your smartphone camera? What are the tips to watch out for? Take a look

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Should I see the world through my lens or my eyes? The question we ask ourselves all the time. Indeed, we all want to capture everything we see but there is so much indulgence and charm is simply soaking up the environment and the place and it's air and smells. But here are some tips for the photographer in you:


1. Not important to have an expensive camera to take great pictures. While people are using detailed and professional cameras like never before, you don't need an expensive camera to get the perfect picture.

2. There are apps galore. Where with free apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Unsplash, Twitter and more - you can edit, collage and showcase instantly. You also have special apps for your stories for insta as well to spruce, edit and fine tune to post your photos at any time.

3. When it comes to food, there is a special space in the photography world for those who click and make your mouth water. While food itself can be centrestage, increasingly people are showing travel experiences through their plates. Showcase the napkins, the light through the glass, utensils, menu, compilation or more and add to the action in the shot.

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4. The composition matters. But it doesn't need a DSLR to be a winner at that. Among the tips for better pictures, try taking photos through a frame, a corner of a door, add perspective like through corridor.

5. Skies and the sun are among people's favourite. There are most than a few hundred million pictures of these kind on Instagram alone. Soak in the skies and maximise your colours and dusk and dawn. They not only get you out at those hours when you want to be lazy but the treat is truly visual.

6. Add the location's best. Put famous monument in the plan (the Big Ben is an example) and capture how locals or you explore lives around them. Bring balance and proportion into photography. When used correctly, it can create outstanding images.

7. Selfies aren't cool? Many are tired of this. Pictures hardly look amazing, and often your nostrils are your pet peeve. It is cool to take your tripod and your best phone. Go back to doing what most did earlier, you might use the person with whom who you are travelling. The quality might be not that extraordinary, but still, it’s better than selfie!

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