TravelHer: Five Travel Essentials That Millennials Swear By

While the millennials like to travel lighter than the previous generations, they have their extensive list of travel essentials.

Prapti Sarkar
Oct 26, 2019 12:09 IST
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Millennials like to travel. However, they are also people who value ease and convenience over everything else. As a result, they like to make sure that their travels are hassle-free and enjoyable. They achieve this with careful planning, research work, and most importantly, packing well. Millennials are more likely than their parents to pack lighter, and smarter. They have their own list of travel essentials which differ largely from other generations.


As a group that is dependant on technology, many of their travel essentials are devices that help them navigate, entertain or simply are imperative to their journey. They are also passionate and more aware of eco-tourism and sustainability, and their travel essentials reflect that. Here are some travel essentials that millennials swear by -

Charger or Power Bank

Chargers have always been one of the most important travel essentials and remain so to this day. Our phones are devices we cannot live without. Therefore, we cannot afford to let them run out of battery. However, chargers are slowly becoming obsolete in this new era of power banks. Power banks are one of the most important travel essentials for millennials as they don't require charging points, and can be used anywhere. As a result, they are an absolute must to carry while travelling, as you won't find charging points everywhere and can use your power bank.


As a group that is dependant on technology, many of their travel essentials are devices that help them navigate, entertain or simply are imperative to their journey.

Wireless Headphones

Headphones or earphones are high on the list of travel essentials for millennials. Several millennials feel that earphones or headphones help them pass the time, or block out intrusive noises like crying babies on airplanes. Whatever be the reason, these devices are definitely very useful to a lot of us. However, earphones and headphones with wires are just too much of a hassle. They tend to get caught up in things, or all tangled up inside our bags. As a result, millennials now prefer wireless headphones as they are so much easier to handle. Not to mention, they look really stylish as well.


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Metal Straws

As the conversation around environment-friendly behaviours and especially eco-tourism gets more and more mainstream, millennials are choosing to not use single-use plastics. As a result, many of them are carrying metal straws and even their own cutlery to restaurants while travelling. Using metal straws ensures that you're cutting down on your plastic use. This is a good way to travel sustainably and contribute to saving the environment and should be added to your list of travel essentials.


Sleeping well is important, and sleep masks help you get the rest you need so that you're energized in the morning to continue travelling.

Sleep Mask

Travelling is a long, arduous endeavour if you're running on little sleep. However, it can be difficult to get a proper night's rest in trains, cars and flights. In fact, if you're travelling with a group, someone might prefer to keep the hotel lights on while you might want them switched off. It is these scenarios that make sleep masks one of the very important travel essentials. Sleeping well is important, and sleep masks help you get the rest you need so that you're energized in the morning to continue travelling.


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Menstrual Cups

Sanitary napkins have been proved to be harmful for the environment. The idea of menstrual cups as an alternative has been growing rapidly. Menstrual cups are rising in popularity and taking their place as one of the travel essentials for millennial women. They occupy less space than carrying multiple sanitary napkins, don't have to be changed as frequently, and are a one-time investment that lasts you for years. For millennial women, they have become the perfect travel companion.

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