Travel Essentials Every Woman Must Know Like Now!

Our travels are as versatile as ourselves and represents our spirit on an independent horizon. But what’s common to many of us is the list of absolute travel essentials every woman needs to pack to make a tour hassle-free and convenient. Because who wants to get off a plane and go looking for a 24 x 7 grocery or medical store?

To avoid all that, we bring to you the most wholesome list of travel essentials that you definitely need to check out – 

1. The right bag

First and foremost, decide the size of your luggage and the duration of the trip. Right from a sack to a suitcase, choose the right bag for you that suits your needs and comes with the right security locks. Plan your size based on how you are carrying it. Is it you lugging it around? Or are you going to have a vehicle. All that must be thought of.

2. Paperwork and IDs

If you are flying to a different country or driving to the next city, make sure you carry the right documentation with you. Identification cards, licences, car insurance papers are a must to be carried. Make sure you carry your passport and other relevant details. In the wake of the recent pandemic, it is important to be updated with the recent rules for travelling.  

3. Power banks and Charger

If you are planning to travel for long hours and click a lot of pictures on the way while maintaining a good battery percentage on your phone then you must seriously consider carrying a power bank. Also, carry a universal voltage adapter which can help you tackle the different voltages of different power plugs without damaging your phone battery.

Travel essentials for every tour include sanitisation for the loo, locks, deodorant, socks, something warm and all other things we have mentioned in this list.

4. Pepperspray

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Precautions are better than cure. Hence, think about the easy ways you could defend yourself from being robbed at an unknown place. The best option is pepper spray. Hence, remember to carry it wherever you are permitted.

5. Speakers or headphones

From listening to music to avoiding unnecessary conversations, earphones or headphones are our best buddies to rescue us from any situation. Similarly, speakers could make the best ambience at group travels. So, choose your medicine.

6. Sunglasses

The last time I checked, the sun was still way too harsh for my eyes. So even if we want to skip these, it may cost us bad photographs and inconvenience in the end.  In fact, you should also consider carrying a hat or a cap with you to avoid something as major as a sunstroke.

travel essentials woman

7. Medbox

This travel essential screams IMPORTANT. As it’s wisely said, it’s better to be ready than sorry, carrying the right medications is essential. Right from headaches to stomaches to diarrhoea, we have to be prepped with the meds with the prescriptions just in case we need it. Make sure you carry band-aids, antiseptic liquids, pain relief sprays etc.

8. A global wifi

Save yourself from the troubles of hunting for internet everywhere. Global wifi is a device that catches wifi network everywhere you without the country boundaries. Pretty cool of a device for frequent travellers.

9. Sunscreen

Along with your regular makeup and skincare, do ensure the usage of the right sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun.

10. Collapsible water bottle

With a space restriction in our bags, it is definitely difficult to carry huge water bottles. But keeping ourselves hydrated is a necessity. The travel essentials most useful, the collapsible water bottle comes to the rescue. When filled with water it retains its regular size while it can be compacted into a small carry-me-anywhere device.

11. Travel pillow

These are those soft little cuties that support our neck from behind while we sleep in peace. Usually looking like a ‘U’, these pillows are super comfy when it comes to taking comfortable naps while travelling. Our head may keep bouncing as the vehicle turns but the presence of this pillow would result in better sleep rather than waking up every now and then. 

12. Hygiene products for the loo

We all are well aware of the dangers of sitting on a dirty toilet seat. Not only does it invite in germs and infections but can also give us some serious health problems. So what most women do is that they hold their pee for a long time. This is a very bad practice for your bladder. In fact, after a certain time, the toxins start to dissolve into the bloodstream. 

There are multiple options that you can opt for in this case. Some of them are flushable toilet seat covers, female stand and pee devices (available in two types : washable and disposable), and sanitisation sprays, etc. Make sure you choose the right product according to your use and travel.

13. Bugs Repellent

Unwanted bugs and mosquitoes are everywhere and we don’t want them to ruin our evenings so why not be prepared in advance. 

14. Toiletries

Even if it’s a day’s trip or a month’s, toiletries like toothpaste, soaps, dry shampoo must be carried around. They don’t need anything fancy but just a small pouch that can be carried in the washrooms which may or may not have them ready for us. It is also reliable as we trust the brands of products we carry with ourselves rather than exposing our skin to new products which ay cause acne or rashes.

15. Menstrual cup / sanitary napkins

Last but not at all the least of travel essentials is the menstrual cup. As unexpected as it gets the periods could surprise us anytime. So do make sure you carry your sanitary choices with you be it a sanitary napkin, tampon or menstrual cup. 

There can be many other unexplored alternatives that you may find. Make sure you give a prejudice-free try to them. After all, all we want is a safe and happy journey which may be tough through recent times. These travel essentials could help you inch towards comfort and satisfaction in your trip that we are longing for throughout the lockdown.