Author and historian in the making, Vedica Kant presents a lucid insight into how wars impact women. She shares reflections on the situational construct of the mid 1920s and the impact wars would have on women-in-the-waiting back in India. “They talk about what it must have been like for these women being left alone at home and not sure if their husbands would ever return,” Vedica recalls from her research on women and the war.

“Particularly the figure of the white woman is a strong one. There were those soldiers in France who decided to marry french women and stay back there,” she says of the many anecdotes and realities documented in her book India and the First World War.

Women and the Wars: The grit, dirt and the pain as documented by author Vedica Kant

“There’s one woman who talks about how a man in the village tries to seduce her while her husband is away and the challenges she faces as now a single woman in the village,” says the author of letters and work she has observed during the research of her book.


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