Why Am I A Feminist: Pragya Tiwari

Why AM I A Feminist Pragya Tiwari

She The People asks leading women why they identify as feminists, and what feminism actually means to them…Why is it important for India to weigh in on these issues? Central to the gender rights debate is the fight for sexual and reproductive rights… a debate that intersects with other equal rights movements. Should this matter to you? Where do you stand on the key issues of equality, pay parity and access to representation? Is empowerment a catch-all phrase or does it actually stand for something concrete? And why is it that many women are shying away from the ‘F-word’?

In this interview, journaist Pragya Tiwari shares feminism to her is understanding the needs and struggles of women who are not like herself. “It is evaluating the nature of challenges women face and thinking about how counter points need to evolve,” she asserts.


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Tiwari is a lawyer and journalist, specialising in public policy, politics and culture. She is Creative Director, BalconyTV Delhi, and has previously worked at Tehelka and as Editor-in-chief at The Big Indian Picture, a cinema and culture magazine. She tweets @PragyaTiwar