If I Cared About Trolls, I Wouldn't Have Picked Up The Bat: Mithali Raj

Poorvi Gupta
Oct 25, 2017 07:41 IST


There are privileges of social media and then there is a lot of gendered criticism. Women go throught cyber bullying and trolling on an everyday basis. But it is the famous women whose timelines are scrutinized more than ever. SheThePeople.TV exclusively talked to Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj on trolls as the batswoman is often at the helm of it for simply posting her pictures on social media.

Raj told us that if a person is in the public than they will be scrutinized but sometimes people forget that we are also humans. On asking her what her response would be to shut the trolls once and for all, the ace cricketer said, “I don’t think trolls can be shut once and for all. They scrutinize everything minutely but people forget that we are also humans and we do love to be like any other average person. Yes our careers have been very successful but that doesn’t mean that we will stop enjoying life.”


“If I had to take very serious consideration of what the trolls are, then I wouldn’t have picked up the bats in the 90s. I have gone through far more challenging things than just the mere trolls. And they are definitely not worth my time”- Mithali Raj

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On September 8, Raj posted a picture on her Twitter account with her colleagues. She wore a spaghetti top in the picture, which attracted a lot of criticism. People shamed her for her choice of clothing. Trolls said they didn’t “expect this kind of clothing from her” as if it was even their prerogative to comment on that picture and let her know of their stinking opinion.

Then on August 22, Raj posted a picture on Twitter in which there was a slight sweat patch visible on her. This became the centre point of a troll’s comment on her picture. But it irked Raj to the limit of responding and she came up with the most amazing response.

Raj clearly is a badass when it comes to trolls and couldn't be bothered about them.

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