15 Year Old Indian girl. Two Wins. Many medals. Meet the winner of 2017 World Cup of Dance, whose victory this year is a hat-trick of wins. That’s right, she’s winner from 2015 and even of 2016. Nothing short of a hip hop prodigy.

Meet Vinaya Seshan, a class 10 student of Inventure Academy in Bengaluru. She loves to dance, and hip hop is her gig. This journey started as an experiment in school, that went on to take her to the global stage.

Vinaya stunned the entire world with her dancing skills and by the end of the competition, was holding three medals at the 2017 Dance World Cup held in Germany. She bagged a Gold medal in the duet category, as well as Bronze medals in the Hip-hop group and Hip-hop solo categories. She beat more than thousand participants from 43 countries in the finals of an event that is known to be one of most celebrated all-genre dance competition for children and young adults in the world.

The Captain of the ship (as her team at the I Am You Dance Studio likes to call her) was part of their squad that won a bronze in the 2015 World Cup and three medals last year.

If her wins have impressed you, wait till you hear her determination. “I don’t have time to spare I swear. I am always doing something. When not dancing, studying. When not doing homework, occupying myself in Football field.” The roots of her hip hop are rooted in kathak.

“Hip-hop is a very new thing in our country, especially for girls,” says Vinaya sharing why we need more women to get into professional dance. “When the society has certain rules for girls to follow, seeing so many women participating in the competition was itself a big celebration. Thankfully, dancing world is not biased towards men as much as it is in other fields.”

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