Go back to eating like our grandparents did, say founders of Slurrp Farm for kids

When Shauravi and Meghana lived in London, their friends would often ask them to bring back organic baby food or children’s food with them. They didn’t realise then, but once they moved back to India and had kids of their own – they understood what was missing from the Indian market. Good, nutritious food for kids. Everything that they bought had preservatives, lots of sugar or salt, and stuff that belongs in a chemistry lab. And that’s when they tinkered with the idea of Slurrp Farm.

Upon intensive research, we found a similar sentiment being shared by parents of other young children too Meghana


Slurrp Farm was started as a simple solution to a problem that they faced themselves. Healthy, organic food for babies and kids. They conceptualised the idea in 2014, and launched in 2016. They now sell cookies, and cereals for toddlers, however they are planning to add more breakfast food and snacks to their brand. Their message is simple – let’s go back to eating what our grandmothers ate. Just simple food like millets, rice, wheat and more – and make these foods more interesting for kids and even families. Here’s their story, have a look!

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“A huge part of what motivates us is the desire to return to simpler times, in response to the disarray in the way people are eating nowadays,” Meghana says. “This has led to several problems including the worrying prevalence of childhood obesity and diseases such as diabetes and cancer, which are often linked to the quality of our food. We believe that in some sense we need to go back to eating like our grandparents did.”

“My mum used to force a Ragi drink down my throat, I wish we could come up with a yummy way to eat Ragi”. “I used to love cheese-lings – why can’t we bake them in a tasty way”…Shauravi