Have you ever moved to a new city and wondered how you can get to know the city better? Shikha Nambiar, an illustrator based in Bangalore had a genius idea. She took the internet challenge called #100DaysOf last year, and she turned it into a learning experience for herself.

Shikha did law school and worked as a lawyer in Pune, when she decided she wanted a career change. She came to Bangalore in to study Visual Communications for two years, and became a freelance illustrator in 2013. Through the years she enjoyed postcrossingbut couldn’t find nice postcards available in Bangalore, so she started making her own illustrations. Her journey made her found her brand called Sunny Skies Starry Eyes.

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Last year, she took up the challenge to make 100 illustrations of Bangalore city via #100DaysOfBangalore, and she said that she had the best time making the illustrations as she also got to travel to new places in her city and have new experiences. She fell in love with Bangalore even more through her art.

Shikha also makes illustrations and sells them as diaries, magnets, pins and more under her brand name. She is currently working on a website for her brand, while she also goes for exhibitions around the city. She also gets her orders through her Instagram page, where she displays all her new illustrations, as well as illustration challenges she has taken. This year, Shikha has taken up the #100DaysOf challenge again, but her topic this year is Things That Make Me Happy.

Here, Shikha talks about her story with illustrating and how her love for Bangalore grew! Check it out!

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