Sex trafficking in India: Dark lives of the red light area captured by ‘Gudiya’

Known as one of the holiest lands in India, Varanasi is also one of the biggest sex trafficking hubs. This video gives an insight into the dark lives of the red light area and the blooming sex trafficking business.

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How has this gory business thrived for centuries? A solid nexus between the police and mafia. The police not only turn a blind eye to the traffickers, but also return the women and girls who have managed to escape these brothels. All this in exchange of money and sex favours. They harass the parents who come to complain, and refuse to file FIRs too.
If you thought this was shocking, founder of NGO Guria, which has been fighting sex trafficking in Varanasi, later reveals how girls as young as 2 months old are sold to the traffickers. These girls don’t even know they have been trafficked – sex slavery is just a way of life for them.