Rise of Digital Women, Meet Shefalii Dadabhoy of Photo Concierge

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The Big Picture: Shefali Dadabhoy quits corporate life to turn entrepreneur


She left a busy corporate life job to dive straight into entrepreneurship but not without deep passion in photography. Shefali Dadabhoy from Chennai wanted to convert her journeys through the lens into a bigger story and decided to help co-found Photo Concierge, an effort to bring collaborative approach to pictures.

In the world of Shutterstock, istock and many other platforms, Dadabhoy says they differentiate by offering custom needs of clients. Passion and hardwork are her key strengths and Dadabhoy admits basic mantras drive you to higher echelons in business and life.

Here she is in conversation with Radhika Sharma at SheThePeople.TV Power Breakfast in Chennai.


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