Celebrating stories of Mums is what keeps Blogger-Storyteller Reshma Krishnamurthy busy. In her entrepreneurial venture, she shares stories of mothers with the world through an online platform called Mums and Stories.

“When I felt that one can connect with lots of mothers, I started this. I had to make it viable for me as a mum too. Entrepreneurship is something that I took the change of believing in that it’ll give the mum’s stories more meaning in a space that is wide open. It begun with an idea that our stories, too, need to be shared,” said Reshma while having a chat with Ria Das, sipping a hot cuppa in a quaint garden in Bangalore city.

Reshma has already features 150 stories on her platform. She has a collection of home mums, entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs, bloggers, writers, single parent mums, mums with physical disabilities and more.

Regardless of what we grow into. So being Moms and Mom Entrepreneurs certainly give us the meaning of life

“I think once you’re born as a woman and the journey goes into motherhood, you’re expected to juggle. This is something that we’ve been taught. It’s because of that training since our childhood we get to be so good at multi-tasking and it gets amplified when we become mums. Regardless of what we grow into. So being Moms and Mom Entrepreneurs certainly gives us the meaning of life,” says Reshma.

After a year since its inception, Reshma is now also featuring stories of celebrities, acid attack fighters becoming mums, transgender persons and more. Here’s wishing her the best.

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