Rema Sivaram Is Bringing Slow Fashion To The Mainstream

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Her dream is to be sustainable. Rema Sivaram is the co founder of FairKonnect, a new-age fashion concept based out of Bengaluru, seeking to connect artisans and fashion patrons using principles of fair trade. Their goal? Keeping ethical and sustainable lifestyle alive.

Slow Fashion promotes the belief of fair wages and through the concept labourers, suppliers, and artisans are paid equally.


Bringing artisans to realise the opportunity is not easy. Rema and her colleagues want to put together weavers and textile artisans and present them market offerings to be able to produce what's in demand. "The artisans sector is a very unorganised space so we aim to bridge that gap by making them market ready. No denying the fact that our country's artisans are highly skilled, but unfortunately have been mistreated from ages. They deal with unfair wage and trades and not necessarily meeting the standards of international buyers. We reach out to them, to make them step up to the international standard and help them improve through creative interaction." Rema explains in a candid chat with SheThePeople.TV, sitting at their Bangalore studio.


Haute couture has new meaning as 'slow' fashion takes the ramp. Rema and her co-founder Pradeep organised Bengaluru’s first Slow Fashion to celebrate easy lifestyle with natural and cool fabrics. "Through our Slow Fashion event organised in the studio, we came to a conclusion, that people like sustainable garments and that the concept of sustainability is a very recent idea in the fashion world which is taking the globe by storm. FairKonnect’s own brand showcased at the event was Ethic Attic. Our events focus on bringing such brands together, which are working in the sustainable market, and giving a platform to conscience shopping," Rema claims.



FairKonnect wants to sow ethical practices, not only to make clothing more accessible to the stylegoers, but also to offer local artisans fair wages and zero wastage. Their vision is to make India the capital of Fair Trade given our vast net of talented artisans and our love for organic fabrics.

"Slow Fashion is a new term in the mainstream, but slowly and steadily is making all the fame it deserves. We all are aware of the term Slow Food, that implies eating organically, clean and healthy -- similarly Slow Fashion is ensuring ethical conduct in the production of clothing. It promotes the belief of fair wages and through the concept labourers, suppliers, and artisans are paid equally. Also, maintaining zero wastage is the big goal here," Rema echoed.

Here’s wishing Rema all the best for her exceptional idea.

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