Putting feelings into food, here is Maunika Gowardhan’s journey

A balmy Sunday afternoon in Mumbai and the usual hunger pang that kicks in around 1pm… that’s how I met Maunika Gowardhan. Meeting a chef at lunch time seemed like a perfect set-up to have a fulfilling conversation infused with random anecdotes and story behind her recipes. Growing up in Mumbai, Maunika was inspired by her mother’s cooking; traditional, flavoursome and most of all – homely. Using earthly flavours, fresh herbs, Maunika ensures her recipe remains true to its birthplace.

Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika Gowardhan

Taking away an experience than just the taste, is what makes us all fall into love with food, no? What is kadi-chawal without reminiscing cold winters when you had dinner in bed? What is kulfi if you don’t recall the times you sneaked out of the house to savour it? We connect food with memories and recipes that follow the authentic ingredients animate that experience.

Even though Maunika has settled in the UK, her food, technique, and style stems from home itself. Having travelled extensively in India searching for new recipes, Maunika still has substantial recipes from her own family! “I still have some 400 or so recipes from my grandmother”, she says.

She has recently launched her own book, which was endorsed by Jamie Oliver, and her own line of spices and chef instruments. Watch her get candid and talk to SheThePeople.TV about her experience with food and writing.