She is the head of corporate affairs at WaterHealth, which provided potable water at low prices (6 rupees for 20 litres) by using specialised technology to purify the water in underserved community. She is in India at least twice a year visiting their setups in interior India. Meet Jacqueline Lundquist. A large number of women work at these water centres. Jacqueline has earlier worked with the Michael Jackson Foundation and The Beach Boys

She is among the few ‘real’ ambassadors of India. She has travelled the length and breadth of the country. She knows more about Bastar and Maheshwar than many Indians and holds a deep understanding of our art, culture and heritage. In the 1990s, which she spent in India as the wife of US Ambassador to India Richard Celeste, Jacqueline – a former journalist & tv presenter – invested her time in learning about India’s growth story and its misgivings.