Prerna Singh Bindra Takes You Through India’s Biodiversity With ‘The Vanishing’

Poorvi Gupta
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Conservationist and Journalist Prerna Singh Bindra wants to connect people with wildlife. She grew up in a house that was at peace with its habitat. Sustainability of humanity she believes will be closely tied in with how we treat our environment and make harmony with the creatures around us.

In her book ‘The Vanishing’ she convincing argues that we can make life more meaningful and sustainable by making small efforts for big results. A conservationist and member of the National Board for Wildlife, Prerna is also the founder-director of Bagh Trust, which is a not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation.

The story didn't quite start in the jungles. Prerna initially chose a conventional management career path after getting selected at the premier Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. A few years and jobs later, she returned to her calling. And to her credit, Prerna was willing to take the hard route to success. She started all over again.

She joined a journalist, writing for Sanctuary Asia and then went on to work for many publications like The Asian Age, The Pioneer, The Times of India, India Today, The Week, Tehelka etc. She says the journeys have been long, arduous but rewarding. From finding natural reservoirs, wildlife, wetlands and endangered species of animals, birds etc. She has authored over 1,500 articles on nature and wildlife in mainstream media.

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Among her most seminal works is an investigation into the black market in ivory and illegal mining. A resident of Gurgaon, Prerna goes into the deepest forests many times round the year, leaving her old Labrador dog with her friend and sometimes, even taking him.


Prerna is in conversation with Poorvi Gupta for our special series, Sustain.

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