Power Breakfast Why mentoring is key for women in India Inc

Women need to step up to the opportunities, negotiate and ensure they get what they deserve says leadership coach Aparna Jain whose book Own It on leadership will out early January. While moderating a discussion on Power Breakfast for She The People, Jain highlights the challenges women face as they rise up to be leaders. She reflects on the guilt women tend to carry even as they hunger to lead in their careers. Some fascinating insights into those discussions are right here.

Power Breakfast is a high energy meet of women in the corporate world. Executive women, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders from around India converge to collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges; explore new business opportunities that underscore how women are empowering change; and build and expand strong connections in a welcoming networking environment of women committed to helping each other succeed. We invite 25 upcoming women from the corporate and business world to be part of a spectacular conversation with two speakers.

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