Power Breakfast: Shattering Workplace Assumptions

Women are making the most of mobile penetration and growth in digital.

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Women at Power Breakfast empower the notion of what technology is doing for women. Sahana Chattopadhyay, an independent consultant who also works with TCS says it's a myth that men are better at using technology.



Power Breakfast Mumbai She The People Power Breakfast Mumbai She The People

Women are making the most of mobile penetration and growth in digital. Rema Subramanian, co founder at Ankur Capital adds she is surprised that when it comes to mobile phones, women in rural India are early adapters too. "We have invested in two healthcare enterprises and nearly 70 pct of its patients are women. One of the companies uses video tech for disseminating healthcare solutions. But it's surprising how many women do walk in. It's amazing how comfortable women are talking tech." Subramanian also talked about how women are very comfortable using tech for farming solutions as well. "The idea is to create businesses that can last for long than go from valuation to valuation while investing," she says of her Angel fund Ankur Capital which is fetching such ideas and investing in technologies that help build rural India.

Kiran Manral started blogging and that was her first connect with tech was driven by social media. She was a sit at home mom with her son and as an ex journalist she had 'itchy fingers' and the desire to get her 'voice out there.' Her tech writing urged her to explore the ideas of writing books and that's what made it possible for her to reach out and have a connection with the world. "Social media changed my life," she says.

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We tend to 'assign' tasks to women and some to men. We need to be open to being lateral about job roles and not perpetuate the myths. "One of the trends that's finally changing is that more women are trying to bridge the gap by entering tech arena," reckons Chattopadhyay who as a leadership coach speaks to many analysts on the subject.

Another gem from the Power Breakfast was the discussion around empowered choices. Women make a lot of choices in their lives when it come to career, family, education, and it's important to not let it impact your self-worth. "These are after all choices and not 'sacrifices'," says Subramanian. In the same vein, Chattopadhyay points out how flexible working hours are not "meant for women" alone. Women and men both have the choice and requirements for such flexibilities. Especially with jobs becoming location-agnostic, a lot opportunities are opening up for a flexible work environment and place.

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