Flashback: What makes Kangna Ranaut a real Queen

Actor Kangna Ranaut is taking a firm stand over the controversy about her relationship with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. She called this hulla-gulla “extremely alarming”. In an interview with NDTV, she said she is being called a “whore” because she is a successful, sexually active woman. “If a woman is super successful, she is called a psychopath. If a woman is sexually active, she’s called a whore.”

She has been a part of the change she wanted to see in Bollywood

Kangna Ranaut is a strong woman who has stood the test of the film industry and made women-centric films successful and entertaining. “People want to see real stuff and that’s where I contributed,” she says of her characters in an interview she did with SheThePeople during the National Award ceremony in Delhi in 2015.

In the film business, I had no understanding of anything.

Ranaut is a woman who believes in herself, is a ‘self-pleaser not a people-pleaser.’ Ranaut likes to keep things ‘real’ and that’s the point she drove home discussing her stint and journey in the film industry with SheThePeople. The three time national award winner speaks to Anna Vetticad.

I was on my own