Men debate feminism: Choice is the cornerstone of gender equality

A most angry and animated discussion on why men should be part of feminism featured author Anil Dharker, Parmesh Shahani of Godrej Culture Lab and comedian Sorabh Pant. Dharker’s comments on why women showoff skin over talent has the audience booing him for making assumptions about talent, and for questioning why women must or must not wear revealing clothes. The biggest takeaway from The Feminist Conference was that Choice was the cornerstone of gender equality.

Moderated by Meghna Pant, the discussion saw extreme views emerge where Dharker was seen on one side and Shahani and Sorabh Pant on the other. The standup comedian, Pant went to the extent of defending Radhe Maa (purportedly a religious figure, who was mocked for wearing short skirts) and her right to wear what we she wanted as a separate from what she preached or followed as beliefs. Shahani insisted the choice of what people did with their bodies was entirely their prerogative and not any one else’s.

Watch this discussion that complete firebrand speakers with fireworks.

And the panelists also disagreed on whether the fight for equality is a war (as Dharker said) or not.
People need to focus on having conversations, making changes at home, at work and in public spaces, Shahani reiterated, citing Mona Eltawahy