Mary Kom Tells Her Sons How She Was Molested In A Letter

Mary Kom 8th World Championships Medal

Olympian boxer and Rajya Sabha MP, Mary Kom, has written a letter to her sons as part of the Hindustan Times #LetsTalkAboutRape campaign. She tells them about how she has been molested, not once, but three times-in Manipur, Delhi and Hissar in the past. In what’s a heart warming and difficult piece, she explains to them that there is a difference between rape and sex, and that consent matters. “Desire is beautiful when it is reciprocal,” she says.

The 33-year-old says that even though she can beat a molester to pulp, she doesn’t want it to come to that. “I know it is shocking to learn that even a woman who has earned her spurs, boxing her way through life, was made to feel violated,” she said.

She also spoke about the importance of respecting fluid gender roles. She told her nine and three year old boys that even though they do not see their father go to a nine-to-five job like the other fathers around them, she has the utmost respect for him because he has dedicated his time to his family. The term ‘house-husband’, she added, is not a slur, nor is it derogatory.

Sakshi and Mary Kom from SHE THE PEOPLE on Vimeo.

The boxer also spoke about racial discrimination in the country. She said that even though she has won accolades for her India, she is still sometimes called ‘chinky’ on the road.

“Let’s build a society where girls can be safe, secure and respected,” she ended.

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