Lucy Gadkari’s Moodoo App makes you plan your moods with friends

An Oxford graduate, an advertising and marketing professional, and now a co-founder of  app called Moodoo, Lucy Gadkari delves into a conversation around how an idea can emerge from one’s biggest dilemmas and frustrations. Her start up, an app called Moodoo is a tool to allow for friends to get together and enjoy their time offline.

Moodoo has its own Chief Happiness Officer, a stray dog named Milly

With a small but spirited team, Lucy has built a startup that collaborates with various ventures in Mumbai, like Cafe Zoe, M.O.D, Smash, to invite people and their friends to spend an evening together, offline. Talking about challenges, and women in technology, Lucy says contrary to the trend, she has had a positive experience in the field. “Gender has never been an issue for me fortunately.”

Lucy Gadkari of Moodoo App

Lucy Gadkari of Moodoo App

While you may wonder what a tech start-up office may look like, Lucy says there’s hardly a dull moment. Moodoo has its own Chief Happiness Officer! Yes, you heard that right – An adopted stray dog that goes by the name Milly, who was kind enough to greet us with her clean paws and wagging tail when our crew entered.

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