Logistics company trains Indian women to be delivery agents

Even Cargo women rider delivers a package

Meet female delivery personnel. Yes, the are run errands and deliver couriers. Even Cargo based in Delhi trains Indian women to be delivery agents. On bikes, they get ready and round off the whole city depositing mail and other items for people.

Sujata grew up in Delhi, and had a very basic education. She heard about this job through word of mouth. A company was hiring female delivery agents who would use bikes and do their deliveries. It was an exciting idea for her. Sujata decided to give it a try.

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“Even a high-school graduate can start work as a delivery personnel and can get paid up to 15,000 a month. In spite of these factors, women have never ventured into this ‘male-dominated’ domain”says founder of Even Cargo, Yogesh Kumar.

Even cargo women rider

Even Cargo staff gets ready for a delivery, Picture credits: Facebook

Yogesh had always wanted to start out on his own but did not want to do just any random thing. After finishing his M.A. at Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, he went on to start Delhi OYE (Open Your Eyes). He tried starting a taxi service with just women drivers, but that did not work out so, Yogesh then turned towards logistics.

Speaking to SheThePeople.TV, Yogesh said, “I wanted to do something substantial that has some social value to it.”

On trying to explain the reason behind an all-women workforce, Yogesh said that his idea was to make opportunities available for women so that they come out and reclaim their share of public space.

“It was initially very difficult. We started in May 2014 but could start operations only July. It took us two months to put things in perspective and connect the dots. This, after I have been working in the same domain for the last two years.” said Yogesh.

It’s been over two years since the venture started. Yogesh says he wants to move to an asset-light model and also plans to expand his company in the coming months.