INTERVIEW: Do we ask a man if he’s a virgin? Shoojit Sircar on his film PINK

Shoojit Sircar PINK

He has two daughters. His wife wonders why women in India still fight for their rights. Why women are forced to conform to a checklist. Is this the environment he envisaged for the women in his life? A mix of worry and anger led Shoojit Sircar to produce PINK, a name he chose to break the gender stereotype attached to the colour.

“Do we ask a man if he’s virgin?” shoots Sircar in an interview with SheThePeople.TV founder Shaili Chopra. “Infact I have made this film for boys. They should know what woman go through.” Through PINK Sircar underscores a woman’s freedom to her sexuality.

The film PINK is the story of three women who live real lives, deal with men and life’s pressing challenges every single day. It reflects on the central issue of consent between man and woman, something Sircar believes should trigger a much larger debate in Indian society whether its within marriage or a strange man-woman on the road. “No means no and when a woman says no you stop.” A woman can wear what she wants, sit the way she feels and not just crosslegged because her father insisted, she can be in jeans or skirts – why should it be anyone’s concern?

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