Inspirational stories of 14 women: Dare to be

Dare to be: A book featuring the inspiring stories of 14 women, cahrting their journey to success.

Poorvi Gupta
Jul 28, 2016 09:04 IST
Dare to be


“Being an entrepreneur is tough, being a woman entrepreneur is tougher and being a young woman entrepreneur is tougher still,” Rinku Paul, co-author of Dare To Be quoted Pooja Warrier, who is a social entrepreneur, at the launch of Dare to Be, a book by Paul and Pooja Singhal. The book, which brings together stories of 14 upcoming women from different fields who are kicking ass in their respective arenas is testament to the fact that when women have the will, they will succeed, no matter what the obstacles.  At the launch of the book, few of these highly inspiring women came and shared their experiences as they triumphed.

“we have just got one life might as well do it.”

It is important for women to stand up for themselves if they want to climb the ladder of success. Kanika Tekriwal, founder of JetSetGo, who was in a panel with Sairee Chahal, founder of Sheroes and Rinku Paul, talked about how it took her some time to actually give it back to the people who undervalued her.  Once she was taken aback when she was asked to bring coffee at a meeting where she had gone to make a pitch, she then decided to not be taken lightly anymore. “From there on I made up my mind that I will go out there and get what I want without being taken for granted by anyone.”


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While Tekriwal learnt it the hard way, Chahal urged women to go get their dreams because “we have just got one life might as well do it.” We also need to create more communication and tangible opportunities for women out there to become an entrepreneur as we move forward in this startup ecosystem.

Sonam Kalra, who has dabbled in advertising and acting before officially pursuing music discussed the importance of working for your own self. “When I started music, I took a leap, quit my job and jumped into an abyss. During that time I lost my voice for a year, I lost my mom and I thought I couldn’t sing anymore. So I did theatre for some time and that taught me a very beautiful thing- stop seeking validation from others. That is the worst thing we do to ourselves. We think what if they don’t like it?, Log kya kahenge (What will people say?).”


"stop seeking validation from others"

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Post the motivational talk, the discussion deviated to how patriarchy hindered these women achieving their goals. Almost all of the women agreed to the fact that one of the initial challenges was cutting through male-dominance and proving their worth as a woman who could make moolah. Chahal revealed that her childhood days were spent in places like Muzzaffar Nagar where women weren’t allowed to even sit in the same room where men would be talking. For Abha Maryada Banerjee, an acknowledged motivational speaker, it was actually her own outspoken behaviour that was a trouble and an embarrassment to her parents. But she turned it around for herself and has now become India’s first female Motivational Speaker who is known both nationally and internationally.

Some great tips from successful women. We certainly were left suitably motivated!

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