“This court definitely feels like home” – Serena Williams

Her words after winning the epic Wimbledon Championship. The woman we’ve been rooting for has just won her 22nd Grand Slam title at the Wimbledon 2016.

Serena Williams beats Germany tennis player Angelique Kerber to win her 7th Wimbledon this year. Being a dominant server, she had that edge to win this game.

Gaurav Kalra, Senior Editor at ESPNcricinfo said in a conversation with SheThePeople ” Strong serve and mental determination are her two strong points.” He adds, “She has brought a surge in women’s tennis and there’s no apparent weakness in her. Her strong serves become very difficult to play against.”

And that is what we saw at the game today. While Kerber gave it her best shot, she was “unable to break Williams”, reports bbc.com

This win makes her 2 short of Margeret Courts’ 24 Grand Slam Titles! Her determination to move ahead is simply outstanding. While we are cheering for her to break that record, some experts surely believe that she will be achieving that score soon! Serena has been practicing and been in a great form and nothing seems to stop her. Her game is only getting better and stronger.

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She reports to BBC with the quote “It makes the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked hard for it.”

Indeed she did. The champion woman will be back on court for her doubles match, hoping to steal the show again.

Meanwhile Angelique Kerber will ascend to No. 2 on the charts on Monday, having not lost a set at Wimbledon this year until the finals. She handled Serena’s serves well but couldn’t hold the ground for much longer. Her defence was fearless and aggressive. Serena comments, (as reported by nytimes.com) “I love playing her. She’s such a great opponent. She brings out great tennis in me.”

Applaudable sportsmanship from both sides of the court today. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the doubles match!

Feature Image Courtesy: www.ew.com