Gran Canaria: Ten reasons for love at first sight

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Apr 25, 2017 09:42 IST
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Sunset on Las Canteras


Solo in Spain is our series for travel this summer. Women travelling across the region and exploring the sights and sounds. Here's a breathtaking stopover. Gran Canaria is a captivating place, a little Garden of Eden in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which woos its visitors. In this decalogue we will give you all the reasons why you are about to suffer love at first sight.

  1. The thermometre as an ally. Gran Canaria is blessed with a pleasant climate, thanks to its privileged geographical position and the generosity of its trade winds. These are some of the prevailing conditions providing an average annual temperature of 24 degrees. The sun hides away but never goes to sleep. The Island’s peculiar relief guarantees a mild and variable atmosphere with softens the impact of the four seasons during the year.

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  1. A stunning natural setting. The will to preserve its natural heritage makes Gran Canaria resemble a place where time has come to a standstill. Nearly half its surface area is protected territory, a legacy with guarantees quite the most extraordinary levels of environmental purity. This determination is perfectly compatible with the responsible enjoyment of it, while its volcanic origins are an omnipresent reminder of it too.

  1. The beach as a way of life. Gran Canaria is home to 60 kilometres of beaches along its 236 kilometres of coastline. The coastal areas have been a playground for generations of proud islanders to share their treasure with visitors. The catalogue is an ample one, and caters for all tastes, from the extensive carpets of fine golden sand at the south, to more secluded spots dotted along the north of the Island. Not everyone can enjoy the pleasures of a day on the beach, yet this a luxury that is possible in Gran Canaria nearly the whole year round.

  1. A haven for sportsmen and women. One of the advantages of having an enviable climate and fortunate natural surroundings is to be able to play outdoor sports. Mountain enthusiasts are in luck thanks to the network of footpaths that wind their way around the geography of the Island. Gran Canaria is also paradise for cycling enthusiasts, who are privileged witnesses to some truly awesome landscapes. The sea lovers amongst us can choose from a varied assortment of activities. Surf, windsurf and kitesurf are on the agenda if you are looking for a shot of adrenaline; sports fishing and diving are available if you prefer a complete escape under the water.

  1. A place for the whole family to enjoy. Gran Canaria is an ideal destination to spend your free time in the company of loved ones. Whether as a couple, or together with the kids, it is well worth investing some of your stay in getting to know the attractions that will make your trip a truly memorable experience.

  1. A land of history, culture and leisure. Gran Canaria’s pre Hispanic heart continues to beat six centuries after the conquest. The aboriginal past is cast in stone in archaeological parks and museums which also highlight the cultural blend that reigns on the Island. Christopher Columbus stopped off at Gran Canaria on his way to America and left an indelible mark in his wake, of which many curious vestiges remain. The Carnival is also one of the most representative fiestas in a rich leisure calendar, and proudly shows off the affable and fun side of the local Grancanarians.

  1. An exquisite sea of flavours. Each and every corner in Gran Canaria gives us the chance to discover delicious aromas that drift in on a buoyant and diverse cuisine. The Island boasts the only place in Europe to cultivate coffee, while also proudly displaying the charms of its fruit and vegetable produce, plus some tasty pastries and an iconic rum made at the oldest bodega on the continent.

  1. Take time out from your busy life. Gran Canaria is the perfect destination to chill out and leave your troubles behind. The range of spa and wellness centres allow you to put your wellbeing in the hands of our top professionals. In the land where aloe vera sprouts up to help protect your skin, we believe your health should be right at the top of your priorities

  1. An open and modern capital. The historical town centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is located in the neighbourhoods of Vegueta and Triana, and deserves a quiet stroll around it to contemplate its colonial style houses. The Port of Luz is one of the main hubs for the city’s economic activity, while just a stone’s throw away, on the other side of the isthmus of La Isleta, stands the social hub of Las Canteras, one of the finest urban beaches in the world. The capital possesses an attractive range of leisure facilities, the result of its modern, cosmopolitan essence.

  1. Villages with charm. Its villages are one of the most closely guarded secrets of Gran Canaria. Agaete, Mogán, Teror and Tejeda are just a few of the enclaves to be explored and to discover the islanders’ true spirit. The friendliness of its people and the wealth of its traditions will make visitors feel right at home. Be they at the summit, along the hillsides, or down at the coast, each municipality contributes harmoniously to the projection of our seal of identity.

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