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Entrepreneurs are always on the look out to a solution to a problem. To answers to their gazillion questions. So we at SheThePeople decided to reach out to some of the established entrepreneurs in the country to ask them things that probably cross your mind all the time. Get asked questions about your calibre? About ability to sustain? About marriage? What else?


Anisha Singh, MyDala Anisha Singh

Pranshu Patni, Culture Alley shares her journey as a woman entrepreneur on if she faced any particular difficulties in raising funds? Pranshu along with her husband set up a platform for people to learn English. Their company is based out of Jaipur.

"What is very important for women to understand while raising funds is to detach their gender from their conversations and show the investors that they are committed to the idea," says Pranshu.

Anisha Singh of discount driven platform MyDala talks about the change in the environment for women entrepreneurs from 2009. "There is a lot more awareness. I am seeing a lot more women entrepreneurs. But the fact is that not many women-led businesses have series-B or series-C funding. Things need to change."


Nidhi Agarwal, Kaaryah Nidhi Agarwal

Pranshu Patni_1 Pranshu Patni

Sairee Chahal_3 Sairee Chahal

Shanti Mohan, Lets Venture Shanti Mohan


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