Finding your inner culturist on BombayWaali with Tasneem Z Mehta

How can heritage and history be presented in a more contemporary way to engage the youth? How can barriers be brought down between people and their surroundings? Why can’t museum be great meeting places? How is social media transforming art and taking it places it could never reach? These were the flashes from the December edition of BombayWaali.

Director of the Bhau Daji Tasneem Z Mehta was the speaker in conversation with columnist Sangitaa Advani and they reflected on how Mumbai city has come to make its people meet its heritage. Mehta has done some exemplary work in restoring and repositioning the Bhau Daji Lad museum and bringing elements of contemporary culture to it in order to widen the audiences and visitors to the museum.

The Museum was established in 1872 as the erstwhile Victoria and Albert Museum, Bombay. As Mumbai’s first Museum, it showcases the city’s cultural heritage and history. The Museum, once in a derelict condition, underwent a comprehensive five-year restoration and won UNESCO’s 2005 Award of Excellence in the field of Cultural Conservation. The Museum re-opened in 2008 with an extensive exhibition program and is committed to promoting contemporary art and culture.

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