Karnataka’s Ratna Prabha has been the champion for many women’s issues in the state. Having worked in different parts of the state – from conflict areas to those where women needed tremendous attention – Prabha has proved again that policymakers can become impact-makers.

The practice of ”Devadasi” was prevalent in Karnataka in a big way. Prabha’s started the state’s Devadasi Rehabilitation program one in which a girl, usually before reaching the age of puberty, is ceremoniously dedicated or married to the deity or a temple. ‘Devadasi’ literally meaning “female servant of god”.

Devadasi’ Rehabilitation project was set up in 1991 by Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation to eradicate the ‘Devadasi’ system in Belgaum District and help those who have been exploited by this system. Organizing these women into groups. These groups became a forum for women to discuss about the evils of this system and to draw mutual support in times of distress. Read about it in detail here

Hetal Dave