Empowering women with the power of digital: Rajiv Anand, Axis Bank

Empowering women with the power of digital: Rajiv Anand, Axis Bank

“Digital has become an imperative. More and more of our customers are doing their transactions online. At some level we have been market leaders within the digital banking franchise. Digital Women Awards fits very nicely with the ethos that we have.” says Rajiv Anand, Head of Retail Banking at Axis Bank. The financial giant has been at the forefront of the digital movement in an effort to transform the lives of millions of Indians especially aspiring women by bringing technology and banking together, allowing them to leverage the power of a new age digital India.

“We work with Google to get more women online,” he shares. Additionally they are putting together different programs like WE Connect to bring back women to the workforce. The Bank is also engaged with Indian School of Business to increase dialogue around women empowerment. Anand points out workspaces are changing and the demands of young businesses are different. “Startups are changing the way companies will operate and some of that will permeate into large organisations like us to be able to be more flexible in terms of time and place of work.”

Technology is acting like an equaliser in today’s world. “The fact that knowledge is available to you at the tip of your fingers is really empowering,” asserts Anand.

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