Discrimination Against the Girl Child? Kids Speak Out

What is it that we all want out of life? And to want what we want, do we have to constantly complicate things. As Thoreau said, simplify simplify simplify, doesn’t come easily after a point, and I wonder why? But surprisingly, we were all born with that simplistic solution to life, irrespective of the economic ranking.

This was an article that I wrote on Linkedin in December last year on kids having all the right answers about how the world should move forward. This I bounced off with Rajiv, a creative director, ​who had written about an idea on the discrimination against a girl child in India. Out of this came our discussion on how and why this happens and will this ever stop. And we thought we should make a series of videos on the same and try and put some answers out there. ​T​his video is a collaboration with one of the simplistic and great teams at Teach for India.

These little kids who are barely 8/9 years into this world, tell us, where the source of this patriarchy/discrimination is coming from, what their mothers faced and also how it should be solved. By the way: The educated ones who have been into this world since donkeys years, have not been able to fathom and fight this regressive culture of patriarchy.  Rather they have accepted it, nurtured it and become a part of it.

The kids ​show us​ all the simplistic​ answers and we should judiciously and unabashedly use them for the betterment of this world. ​Maybe then,​ we might not have to disentangle ourselves everyday with these ‘mundane’ issues that have defined us, our culture, our future since the big bang!!

Views expressed are the personal opinions of the author.