Digital Women Awards Are Here

These spectacular awards, now in its second year are focused on women entrepreneurs who have achieved success by launching a business or a venture in the digital world.  Our world – driven by digital – is changing the business landscape every day. Every woman is a leader and most of all she is more of a ‘real’ model than just a role model. We have inspiration among women building digital empires from home, those spending hours teaching young children of the neighbourhood to those who run assembly lines at manufacturing units with a 9 to 5 job. The mobile phone and the world of apps are empowering not just consumers but also several business ideas many of which are led by women. We at SheThePeople.TV strongly believe that recognizing this wave of empowerment of businesswomen is critical to the future of digitally skilled women workforce in India. This will not only lead to more jobs but also promote organisations which will set new standards in the digital sectors.

A discovery of brilliance, ambition and achievement, Digital Women Awards puts the spotlight on women who are leveraging the online world with businesses and ideas that are having impact.