Best-Selling Author Ravinder Singh: Meet The Fans!

It’s all about love, right? Who doesn’t like a good love story, at the end of the day? Trust Ravinder Singh to know it. He’s one of a handful of authors in India to consistently sell, prides himself on a pretty massive fan base, and isn’t resting on his laurels, not even with 5 novels under his belt. His latest book This Love That Feels Right releases in just over a week.

And while he refuses to spill the beans about his new book, he says it’s unlike anything he’s written before…

In a candid conversation, he also opens about his very intense and enthusiastic fan base, who have ensured that the very same media which gave him no attention when he made his debut? Are certainly talking to him now. With a predominantly female fan base in the age group of 15- 25, he takes their support very seriously, even if he can’t go back to writing back to each and every mail. You can join the more than 600K fans and readers on his Facebook page here

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