Baby Products: When mothers get down to business, they put their Soul into it

95% of their employees are women, especially mothers. They do everything themselves, including stitching the product, finishing it, packaging it and shipping it. That’s the soul of Soul, a company into children’s products with a particular hold on the baby wearing business. Baby slings are their thing. The idea is to make them fashionable and comfortable, with a touch of motherhood.

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Soul has tried to reinvented baby carriers to suit the Indian weather – made only from cotton and linen, the baby carriers don’t make the mom and baby sweat in the summer heat.

Chinmayie, the founder of Soul wanted to bring something new to the Indian people. When she used a carrier called the ‘ring sling’ – she realised it was ideal for her, and her baby. She wanted other mothers to know what it feels like to have such a comfortable carrier, so she started Soul.

Soul has many other products as well including scarves, shawls, baby slippers, doll carriers, tote bags and more. They have international shipping, so no matter where in the world you are, you always have access to good quality baby slings and more!

Here’s her journey.