Arunima Choudhury collaborates with Bengal’s artists to take their work to the world

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What happens when you work in the corporate environment but you are eager to follow your passion instead? Well, you follow your passion. This is exactly what Arunima Choudhury did. After working in the corporate world for more than 15 years, Arunima realised that she wanted to be more creative and expressive. Leaving a job is never easy, but it is a bold step required to follow your passion. Hailing from Bengal, Arunima wanted to bring the art and creative vibes of Bengal to Bangalore. She started Eastern Winds last year and has been participating in many markets since.

“I wish to have my own store some day,” she says of her ambitions.

She travels around West Bengal, especially the outskirts of cities, and to remote areas to collect art and also collaborate with artists. She says she relies on instinct and experience when collaborating with artists. Her experience with the artists in Bengal has been phenomenal and she tells us about how talented and passionate most artists over there are. Arunima has products such as sarees, home linen, notebooks and home decor. This may seem very ordinary, but all her products are novelty items. She has lampshades made of pumpkins, home linen with bright Bengali block prints, Goddess Durga’s statue made out of recycled metal and so much more. Check out her journey and her unique and quirky products!