Special Interview: Shooter Apurvi Chandela

I play every match with the intention of giving my best, and I think it’s normal to have pressure of performing well.

Amrita Paul
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Special Interview: Shooter Apurvi Chandela

Shooter Apurvi Chandela, who recently won a silver medal at the women's 10m air rifle shooting event in Munich is not exactly overjoyed that she missed out on the gold. But she is using it as a drive to claim the top spot at the upcoming Rio Olympics.


She says, “I play every match with the intention of giving my best, and I think it’s normal to have pressure of performing well. I also had it in the first match I ever played, but I am getting used to it now since I've competed in so many competitions and gained more experience.”

apurvi chandela 5Apurvi, who looks up to a lot of sportspersons, like Abhinav Bindra, Gagan Narang, Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps wakes up early and puts in at least six hours of practice every day where she manages to sneak in a run and swim and also a bit of rest. “But my days are not always the same, since I travel a lot for competitions and I am not stationed at one place,” she adds.

It was only a few years ago that she was introduced to the sport and prior to that being in high school, most of her time was spent at home concentrating on her academics.

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“Now, I am hardly at home, I have had a busy shooting season lately with back to back competitions and training camps,” says the shooter who also enjoys reading swimming and basketball.

Although many women are pursuing shooting of late, it still remains a sport primarily male dominated. But Apurvi asserts that aspect has never been a drawback for her.


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“I haven't faced challenges because of being a woman. My family is very supportive, they have always encouraged me and supported me. I have come to this stage because of them. There are so many girls who are taking up shooting now,” adds Apurvi, looking forward to winning many more medals at important competitions.

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