Anjan Prakash is a biomimicry communicator who's putting nature at the heart of business

From spending weeks in the heart of the Amazon basin, to exploring the Galapagos islands

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Anjan Prakash


Noticing is different from seeing, just as listening is different from hearing, and asking is different from questioning and so on and so forth. The point I am trying to make is that the intensity of engagement with the same five senses, can yield a different experience.

That's Anjan Prakash describing how spending time with herself, her surroundings and nature can transform the human you are. Prakash is a biomimicry communicator, one who studies and observes how human beings can design and innovate sustainably and remain one with nature. A former star advertising professional, Prakash has forever been drawn to the nature - from spending weeks in the heart of the Amazon basin, to observing sea lions of Scotland, or exploring the Galapagos islands - and makes special efforts to connect and live with nature.

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In this conversation with SheThePeople's Sukanya Sharma, Prakash shares a primer in biomimicry. She insists we should explore our urban environment too in an effort to find inspiration and engagement with nature. To her biomimicry is a way of life and doesn't need a trek to involve oneself with nature's touchpoints.

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