A story of Yoga, healing and survival: Meet Prabha Singh

A story of Yoga, healing and survival: Meet Prabha Singh

Yoga finds its roots in the Rig Veda, and was first practised in the plains of Northern India. On our recent trip to Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, ShethePeopleTV team met the vibrant Prabha Singh, a 62 year old lady who helps people learn yoga, meditation and power yoga.                                                                 

She appears pretty unfazed by life when you first meet her, some might even say she has the kind of infectious enthusiasm we all get inspired by. She wasn’t always this way. In 1995, Prabha learnt that she had liver cirrhosis, a chronic disease of the liver that doctors call incurable. A few months later, she went into a state of paralysis, where she stayed for 2 years.  The doctors treating her opined that she might have to be on wheel-chair for the remaining days of her life, and she wasn’t even that old. This is the time when turned towards the age old secrets of patanjali.

When I went for my check-up on my feet to the doctors in Mumbai, they went ‘Wow’. I realized that if I could do this to myself, I could also help others find a way to do it.

And thus began her journey of helping people unlock their inner potential to break their own bodies. She practices Yoga for hours, allocating her hours to service of others and the self.

Talking about her observations of the millennia, she says:

In today’s generation, everyone I meet is looking for quick results. People want to instantly lose fat without having to work for it. That’s not how it works.

Our short attention span and need for instant gratification could be attributed to a westward shift in this cultural practice, which is an integral part of our Indian heritage and historical legacy.

Yoga is not just about fitness, it’s about organic choices and processes of life. From food to physical and spiritual health, it is important that we cultivate these practices with ourselves. Sharing from get experience, Prabha said:

No matter how much you work and for however long and in whichever field, you need to find at least one hour for yourself and your body everyday. You can do whatever you like in this time, may it be working out or meditation, but it is pertinent that you give yourself this time.

Here is wishing everyone a very happy International Yoga Day. Here’s hoping for a perennial yogic sync between mind, body and soul!