6 things one can learn from Susieben Shah

Susieben Shah on SheThePeople

Susieben is the name behind the largest effort of an all women taxi-service in India called ‘Priyadarshini Taxi Service’. Not only that, she is a social worker and political activist too. Here constant engagement with the grassroots led her to identify the needs of urban lower-middle class women, which subsequently led to the inception of this highly scalable and inclusive business idea.

Here are a few things that one can learn from her tremendous experience.

1. If you believe in an idea, ‘you have to dirty your hands’. Make your idea a reality first, only then you can get others to believe in it.

2. Susie believes that infrastructure support for a working woman is very important. The whole setup of Priyandarshini Taxi Service has been made possible, because she was able to persuade each of her relatives to pay the down payment for  her taxis;

3. Don’t live in guilt if you are working. When your kids grow up, they would respect and appreciate you much more if you are working. Dream, aspire and work hard to achieve it.

4. It is very important to personalize the experience of people you are working with. Let them engage. It helps gain maximum productivity and increases a sense of accountability amongst them.

5. Political Activism isn’t about protests and marches, it is about change. If there is something in the world that affects or bothers you, become the agent of change. Not just for yourself, for the many other who will benefit from the first step that you will take.

6. The problem with the world is that everyone wants to change the world and empower the self. But true empowerment happens when you empower everyone else around you.