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6-Year-Old Indian-American Girl Is Now The Youngest World Expo Speaker

Kiara Kaur, Youngest World Expo Speaker
Indian-American girl Kiara Kaur has become the youngest world expo speaker, as per the World Book of Records, London. She is only 6 years old and a student of grade 1. Her speech at the recent World Expo 22 in Dubai was called “Small Changes, Big Difference”. Her speech during the International Women’s Week celebrations at the Mexico Pavilian was focused on women’s empowerment.

In an interview with NDTV, she said that it was an exciting experience to speak to an audience at this great event. “I prepared my speech by speaking to my grandmother, Commander Dr Rita Bhatra who had served the Border Security Force for 40 years”, she explained adding that the true essence of women empowerment lay in equal opportunity for young girls in education, rights, health, decision making, wages and professional opportunities”.

Interestingly, the same girl had set a record of becoming the youngest TEDx speaker when she spoke about her journey of reading. Her speech was titled, “Unboxing Curiosity”. She addressed the TEDx meet on November 14 last year on Children’s Day which led to her recognition by the World Book of Records in London.

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She also holds the record for reading 36 books in an hour and forty-five minutes. She was born in the US but living in Dubai since both her doctor parents are settled there.  Kiara is also studying French and Spanish as she has an inclination for studying languages.

She has also worked on her first book “Dairy of a 5-Year-Old Genius Chatterbox Who Set World Records” which chronicles her journey in her own words.

Kiara’s ambition

“I want to be the President so I can govern and help the poor”, she said.

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