What is that first thing that we see at bookstores? The Book Cover, isn’t it? We all know that a book cover is important for obvious reasons. But the question remains how important is it to plan a book cover? Well, who could answer this better than writers whose words lie beneath it?

SheThePeople.Tv, through its Facebook Group, invited answers from “women writers”. Here are seven reasons why planning a book cover is important:

More important than the book itself

Madhulika Liddle says, “It’s more important than the book itself, because the people who get your book to the stores — the distributors – don’t even bother to read the blurb. All they look at is the cover, because that’s what will be seen in a store.”

Creates the First Impression

Shree Author says it is one of the vital aspects of a book for it creates the first impression on the reader’s mind while selecting a book to read. Alisha Kirpalani also considers the first impression to be imperative. She says, “Half the battle is won with a good cover.”

Draws reader to pick the book

Kanchana Banerjee believes that first impression is critical for a book. That’s what draws the reader to pick it up and read the blurb and then flip through pages. A bad cover can actually hurt a good book. Shalini Somanath also considers it most crucial to have a good book cover because that’s what is seen first. She says, more often than not, it’s a great cover that attracts your attention in bookstores.

Cover reflects the book’s soul

Sacharita Dutta-Asane says, the cover gives the book its identity. So it’s essential that it reflects the book’s core, its soul. It’s the cover that reaches out to people; what’s inside comes much later.

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Face of the book

Sujata Parashar says, “The cover is the face of the book which is the first thing the readers get to see. The face can either attract or repel…If done well, it prompts the reader to take next step.”

Tells the content of the book

Kamalini Nats says, “The cover being telling of the content of the book is imperative, and truly needs to draw the reader in. One cannot undermine the importance of getting the book cover designed well, and meaningfully.”

Serves as a pictorial blurb of the book

Sinjini Sengupta says, “It is more important than one may consider to begin with. It also serves as a pictorial blurb of the book in cases. It carries not just the story in it, but in a way also the temperament of the book I guess, if done well.”

So what do you think? Share with us why you think planning a book cover important.

Pranju Daftari is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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