A woman’s sex life is massively censored in the Indian Society. And golly, we are tired of it. And bored too. If the picture or umm notion of their son sowing his wild oats is cool with Indian parents, they might as well normalise their daughter enjoying a healthy sex life.

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Why do we need to be so shy?

We wore masks even before COVID to buy condoms. Some of us had to label our boyfriends as “cousin bhaiya” to sneak them in. Most of us had to pretend we do not know what sex is till……..it was obvious enough that we have a prefrontal cortex and have studied class 8 science textbook.

Till when do we keep pretending?

For how long do you want us to pretend our hickies are rashes? No, it is not exam anxiety when my period is late, MOM. When, I go out with a friend and never meet him again, he is not a friend PAPA. Why can’t parents normalise that sex is a totally normal desire? If the thought of your son having sex is not an issue, then why this attitude towards your daughter?

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Can you calm down society?

Sexual desires are not eggs that hatch after marriage. They are always there. Try respecting them and accepting them. It may be difficult at first, but treating “lust” as a healthy need instead of a dark green serpent waiting to slurp human race is just irrational. No, we are not going to sugarcoat “libido” and fancy dress it as some Freudian term so it gets acceptance under the garb of a scientific lens. It is not a “reviving life force”. It is just lust. Just chill.

Live and let live

Women have it too and we are bored to death of trying to act like we do not know what a penis looks like. A perspective that gives lust a healthy breeding space and privacy in our lives would be much appreciated. Instead of treating it as a taboo and a shameful harrowing disease which will cut the “naak” of the khandaan, protected sex should be advised.

It is not THAT difficult!

We are not Bluetooth Downloads or Equated Monthly Instalments. That’s where we come from. Sex. Also, we live in the second most popular country in the world. It is not very consistent to reject something which looks like India’s national past-time. Is it so hard to stop censoring women and their sex lives? A healthy collegial partnership in bed with consent and respect is also desired by women.

Sorry, we don’t tolerate this in 2021

There are cultures around the world where sex is celebrated and is an act of happiness. The misogynistic stickers of “izzat” and “sharam” are just trying to control our sex life. Not only do they suck at that job, they are also itchy and give us psychological scars. It is 2021, and we don’t need that anymore. Papa and Mummy, I am a human being and have sex just like anyone else.

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